Adafruit DS1307 Breakout Kit

Adafruit DS1307 Breakout Kit

This is the assemble log of the Adafruit DS1307 Breakout Kit.
The kit code number is 264. It is a I2C Real Time Clock breakout kit using the DS1307 chip. First, lets unboxing the kit.

Above is the package in anti-static bag.

Not too much components, it looks like it is easy to assemble and not take so much time. I decided to change the header to edge header so I can easyly sit it onto the breadboard without anoying other components.

Above is the bare PCB.

Above is the PCB finished soldered. The board look nice after cleaning the solder flux.

This is the finished board. Note that this board/chip uses I2C 7-bit address 0x68.

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