TIL311 Front Panel Display

TIL311 Front Panel Display

For me, one of the interesting part in electronics is to make something light up and blinks. I really like led’s, 7 segment displays, matrix displays. On retro computing, TIL311 display is very interesting display, but it has been more expensive these days, and power hungry too !

In this build, I think it will be interesting to make a display with TIL311 display modules. This modules is created by Dr. Scott M. Baker. I like his RC2014 modules very much, and has build almost all of his modules. This time, I will try to make this TIL311 front panel display. First, lets take a look the the pcb itself.

Here is the pcb. I make it fabricated at OshPark as Dr. Scott share his pcb design there. It is expensive but the board quality is excellent. There is eight TIL311 and eight tactile switch.

Here is all the components needed. Not too much to solder. I have socketed all the ICs and TIL311 modules, so we can re-use it anytime we want to other project, as TIL311 is difficult to find and very expensive these days. So, lets put all the components together.

Here is the board, just finished soldered. I have cleaned the back of the board using flux cleaner.

Here is the finished board, full implemented and ready to test. I’m using the same configuration as Dr.Baker’s, this board can be access on port 0 both read and write. The input is port 0, the display output is by two display/address, left two display on port 0x00H, another two on 0x01H and the most left is on 0x03H.

Here is the board in action. We can combine with the BQ4845 rtc board to make this display as a clock.

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