Disk and Memory Expansion

Disk and Memory Expansion

To make this computer kit run CP/M, we must expand the memory and put a disk controller to connect to a storage. A simple way is to connect to an IDE disk. Compact flash interface is similar to an IDE interface, so we can use a compact flash to IDE adaptor board for this.

Cpuville has an option called disk and memory expansion kit, it will expand memory to 64k and a controller for connecting an IDE storage. In this part, I will log my build for the option disk and memory expansion kit by Cpuville.

First, let’s take a look at the package that I received.

As we see in previous build, the same packaging is made, all IC’s are well packaged so the pins will not bend while shipping. Unboxing…

Here is all the components that need to be solder, not too much. There is the rom for running the CP/M.

Here is the PCB, look very nice as other boards. Let’s go and assemble this !

Everything has been assembled. The bottom solder part has been cleaned. Ready to implement all the IC’s.

All those IC’s has been implemented, and the board is ready for test. I will make another log when I make test this expansion board for installing and running CP/M.


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