As I completed the build of the main board and display board, I realize that this kit has some difficulties on storing and displaying. The PCB also don’t have any holes for mounting it in a case. After several consideration, I found a solution for mounting it in a case without opening holes, that means without doing any modification to the PCBs. There is a mounter for this type of board, and it is a little bit expensive.

The left one is for mounting from the corner of the PCB, and the right one is for mounting the straight part of the PCB.

Here is the difference between the two mounter.

Here I try to show closely how I mount the PCB, and we can see that it holds the PCB perfectly.

Here is the case. It is a cheap clear file case. I make holes for the screw for mounting the PCBs. I also make a cut the the switch and for disposing the RS232 port on the right side. I put the DC jack on the top for the power. For now I have successfully mounted the main board, display board and the serial board.

For now, I am happy with the result.

Update – 2019/04/02

After I finished assembling the disk and memory expansion board, I decided to put all those boards together in the case. Then I started to make a simple routing board to connect all the boards, and of course make them all selected so we can connect all of it together all the time and select which board do we want to connect to the main computer board for use, as on the rule in the manual.

Here is the disk and memory expansion board mounted in the case. I make a hole for attaching the compact flash disk from outside the case.

So we can set the board which we want to use, insert the disk and run CP/M whenever we want. The RS232C connector is also available on the right of the case.

Almost all the time, I just connect the main cpu board and the bus display board for display and it looks very nice !

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