RC2014 Z80 Computer – Introduction

RC2014 Z80 Computer – Introduction

This is a log on building the RC2014 Z80 computer kit. The goal on building this kit and other expanded modules is

  • want to learn on how to build a computer from scratch
  • want to know the computer hardware, from A to Z
  • want to learn computer program form machine code / assembler
  • want to know how to interface, I/O (input and output control mechanism etc)
  • want to learn on how computer starts to boot, from BIOS to OS
  • learn programming from low level
  • want to learn how program works, how it run, what is monitor program, yet OS
  • interfacing with other hardware
  • learn to make own modules for this computer
  • Etc……

Well, so many goals to catch, but the point is learn computer from scratch, the beginning. The goal is to learn computer hardware/software, interfacing it, with input (keyboard) and output (monitor, serial, LCD, 7 segment etc). How computer send output to a monitor ? How it works ? I really want to know.

Why RC2014 ? Because it is modular, separate modules for memory, CPU, serial I/O on a backplane. So we can customize all those parts with my own or third party modules and I think it is a good tools for learning computer system. We can also customize the ROM and RAM board so that for example, memory paging is possible and we can make this computer runs CP/M.

So, I will start by building this kit, learn how computer buses work, how ROM/RAM work, how addressing work for memory/IO etc.

BTW, you can buy this kit with all the options availabie at Tindie.

Masayuki Codec
Masayuki Codec

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